pretty soon im looking to replace the speakers in my car due to the fact that the back 2 are blown and the front 2 arent very good. I need 4 6x8 speakers, what would you guys reccomend. its a 02 ford ranger if that matters.
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Car stereo systems are a lot more complicated than most people would figure, so I have to ask what kind of setup you're working with. There are a lot of good or great speakers out there, but all of them will sound like shit if they're put in the wrong kind of system.

If your system is otherwise completely stock -- factory head unit, no amp, paper speakers -- I'm going to recommend inexpensive Pioneer, Kenwood, or Sony speakers, something that runs for $50-70 a pair. Essentially, stuff you can get at Walmart or any big box store, such as Best Buy. Why? Because factory systems put out a very low amount of watts, and what we're trying to do is match the RMS rating of the head unit as close as we can to the RMS rating of the speaker. With speakers, you do more damage to them underpowering them than you do overpowering them; you'll also lose a lot of your functional volume range to distortion.

You could also look on Ebay and just buy a set of factory speakers from someone who has replaced theirs. You're not going to see a huge improvement going from factory speakers to aftermarket speakers if you upgrade nothing else.

A little tip: If you want added bass response, stuff the area behind the speaker with polyfil, which is 100% polyester pillow stuffing you can buy for $2 a bag at any arts & crafts store. This goes with any type of speaker installation. It helps neutralize soundwaves behind the speaker which would otherwise waste energy.

If you run an aftermarket head unit but no amp, you're still looking at the more inexpensive brands, but you might be able to step up to Fosgate or Alpine S series depending on the RMS wattage rating of your HU.

Best results, though, are with an amped system. At that point, your options are only limited by your budget.
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