Since there was an expressed interest in learning a bit more about amp sims, I'm gonna run this quick tut on using one amp sim and one cab sim in a stereo grouping.

The benefits of this technique?

Means you can use less plugins and less processing power because 1 plugin is suitable for two guitar tracks. Also any changes to the sound made are relevant to two tracks so you're not having to match settings up on two single tracks meaning you can customise your guitar tone fast! Great for quick and easy double tracking.


Plugins have to support stereo otherwise the whole technique reverts to mono, means no Tubescreamers Secret on this one guys as it's mono.

What we will be using

LePou's LeCab available here:


TSE Plugins TSE X30 (A new plugin modelled on the ENGL 530 preamp) available here:


For this tutorial we'll be using Reaper (although this technique is also applicable to any decent sequencer - Cubase, Protools etc):


Step One; boot up Reaper

Step Two: Create three (yes three) new tracks.

Step Three: On the top track, click the folder icon, this will make the main track the folder track - ie anything applied to the folder track is applied to both of the other tracks at the same time.

Step Four: Pan your two bottom tracks 100% left and 100% right respectively.

Step Five: Load Your plugins on the top track in the folder by pressing the green button then searching for the plugins by name. TSE first then LePou. Set the TSE to stereo mode.

Step Six: Set LeCab to blend and stereo mode, remember to turn the power on, in LeCab pan left 100% and right 100% as well.

Step Seven: Arm either your bottom left or right tracks and put monitoring on.

Step Eight: Mess around and enjoy, double track your takes by recording your guitar parts twice, one with each of the bottom tracks (if you've never done this before then do it now, tracks will sound bigger and have more presence, this is also what the hard panning here is for)

Optional Steps For Next Time:

Step Nine: Select all tracks at once using the Control + left click, make sure they're all unarmed.

Step Ten: After they're selected right click and go to "Save Selected Tracks As Template", save as whatever name you want to call the tracks "StereoGuitar" or something similar.

Step Eleven: This means the next time you load Reaper you can instantly load your new guitar tones by going to Insert > Track From Template > "StereoGuitar", meaning you don't have to load anything again, just three short clicks and you have the same setup you had before.

Optional Tips For Next Time:

Set the HPF (High Pass Filter) in lecab to between 75-100Hz, this clears up the all that messy low end of the guitar and leaves room for bass to come in the mix, set the LPF (Low Pass Filter) to anywhere between 10-12khz and this will remove some of the fizziness from the top part of your guitar tone.


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nice work - I've been doing similar stuff in Logic and using Logics fantastic true stereo delay plug-in so each channel is "timed" slightly different - sounds "Gilmourish" !
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
Question: how do you get the plugins workin in reaper - how do you get them to com on the FX browser dohickky
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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
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Question: how do you get the plugins workin in reaper - how do you get them to com on the FX browser dohickky

In your FX browser window press F5 to scan for new plugins.
You should have a folder in program files call VSTplugins that it will pickup put the plugins from the OP in that folder.
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how do you play both tracks at once

i select both but it only plays one at a time

You'd have to record a seperate take for each track, if you record the same on both tracks then it won't work.
Cheers man, I would have loved to have had a TSS so I could suck out some of the nasty low mids in that tone, I'm still prefering the 8505 better than the TSE for character, but this one is handy if you want to do a lot of quick eq changes to both guit tracks.
Awesome. This should help me loads. Just started recording all my stuff and having to change both volumes or both trebles etc was a mission