I like it, but for the lead guitar, the bit where it goes 10 - 8 - 7 - 8 in the beginning riff, it sounds weird.

Also, the sweeps repeat too much.
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Why are the drums set as a piano?
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I quite like the sweeping chorus. I suggest in bars 39 - 43 you arpeggiate all of those half notes into the chords their going behind. I quite like it, I also had the idea if you harmonized the second half of measure 14 in thirds or fifths with the other guitar, just a thought though, I'm not sure how it would sound.

Other than that, it's a solid tune. If you ever put a vocal melody on top of that I would be interested in hearing that if your willing to repost a new one with that on there.
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intro lead riff sounds good - not to sure about the 10-8-7-8 bit in bar 2 though, somehow it doesn't fit and sounds really out of place

i like the vibe on bars 9-12, the 16ths on the hihats makes it sound great xD

sweeping lead part after that sounds great, although at one point theres this one note that sounds out of place, maybe a mistake or something? regardless, kudos if you can actually play that in real life, sounds good xD

not too keen on bars 19-23, i don't think it flows with the rest of the piece tbh

the outro from bars 32 onwards sounds good, but also like you ran out of ideas a bit maybe?

good work anyway, not as cliche as most metalcore stuff on UG these days
7/10 x