Hey Guys

Im Hoping to get a Delay Pedal and im looking at getting the Moollon Delay Pedal, but as much as it looks amazing (And it Does ) I need to know whether it sounds good.

So does anybody have one, or tried it and can tell if its good, or worth the money (£200/$380)



P.S. From the Picture and the specification, it says it has a switch for On/Off.

I assume it means the actual stomp thingy or whatever, and not a switch, cos otherwise that would mean you cant exactly play and turn it straight on, youd have to stop and switch. Im probably just being stupid
i haven't tried it, but if you have £200 you have a lot of options... a trip to a good pedal shop would be a good idea, in other words, unless you live in the far north of scotland or something...
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