I've been ampless since selling pretty much all of my gear in the summer, but no more

Unfortunately I sold my guitars too so I'm going to wait for my next ebay purchase to arrive 10 days from now before I can test the thing... Or just go to Guitar Center and "buy" a guitar and give it a spin. I live in an apartment so I don't think I will get the chance to push the tubes as much as I want nor can I play at night, so I'm going to get a Vox amplug AC30 and practice / write songs with that and then crank the mesa when I feel like I won't piss off the neighbor with my random crap.

I'll be adding a MXR carbon copy, MXR phaser, Maxon OD9 and Voodoo Pedal Power 2+ in the future so my pedalboard is almost complete. Probably to going to replace my Fish n Chips (on top of the head) with a MXR 10 band EQ and go look for another overdrive pedal. I might get myself a pedaltrain pro eventually, but let's see.
that is very nice

shame bout selling your guitars tho
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nice,Happy new Rectum Fryer Day :p
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nice,Happy new Rectum Fryer Day :p


but yeah seconded....
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looks like you got a beast of a rig. HNAD!
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HNAD and good luck with rebuilding your rig! btw, why do I start getting all hot & bothered every single time I see a mesa 212 cab?!?!?
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i need clips as soon as you can of the clean channel.
im interested in these tremoverbs.
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Chea_man is the best.
you own a dual recto but not a guitar? poor soul

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Get a Memory Boy (or Deluxe Memory Boy) instead of the Carbon Copy.


Trem-O-Verbs own!
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I always like matched heads/cabs threads.
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Nice buy, out of curiosity do you plan on running the ISP up front?

Yeah. I want to turn it off during my cleans (although looking at my pedalboard I will practice tap dancing). I will record some clips when the guitar come (to chea_man).

I guess I buy the carbon copy and memory boy and test them out. MB is cheaper but I could keep both.