Hi guys,
Been lurking for a while and though I should say hi.
I've always tinkered with my guitars and have built a couple with Warmoth bodies and necks.
For my brother's 40th I thought I'd build him a unique body, despite having zero woodwork experience.

It's a one piece korina back, large 'thinline' tone chambers, quilt maple top, Swineshead pickups. Lots of mistakes, learned a lot.

Then I built two for me - a purpleheart/spalted sycamore/birdseye maple/padauk laminate explorer with a sustainer, cool Motherbucker and Kahler Pro...

... and a hollow one-piece padauk body (wood from Eve Guitars) with a lace burl redwood top, Schaller Hannes bridge and P-Rails.

I can post more pix or build pix if anyone's interested.
Next up are a wenge/rosewood bass body and a mahogany/quilt maple 7-string body, then I'm going for a through neck build.
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Sexy! Do you have a close-up of that inlay on the explorer?

Some really nice looking stuff

Have you built any necks? and whats with the contour on the back of the padauk body where the back ferrules are?

I'm looking foward to the 7 string build!

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that is some nice work! would u mind if i stold that explorer idea from you?
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Sexy! Do you have a close-up of that inlay on the explorer?

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Looks awesome dude.

In pics 1 and 2... Pic 1, the bridge pup, and Pic 2 both; are the aformentioned pickups angled?
build 1, finished 1/15/11

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Thanks all.
@copaman, pic1=no; probably image rescaling. Pic 2, that was just trial fitting. The p/u surrounds weren't screwed in place. See finished pics below.

@ don'tpanicuk & metalwarrior40...

@lppon, here are my Ws; a 'hollow' black korina strat and a birdseye maple cap/ash body soloist with an all rosewood neck (and Bareknuckle Warpigs )

@crupez5, I'm flattered, but the shape isn't mine and I can't copyright wood, so please go ahead. With pics, of course.

@Absent Mind - I love Ben Crowe's stuff at Crimsonguitars.com so wanted to do some contouring. The Hannes bridge needs the rear bolt ferrules to be at a certain depth and the body was (deliberately) 2" thick so I thinned the body for the ferrules and added a beerbelly carve to the usual tummy cut and forearm contours. Might show a bit better on this 'in progress' shot...

much thanks my friend
btw where did u get your wood from?
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steve46 likes this (Y) especially that explorer!! ^^ beefyfrog said it nicely.
Thanks all.
Crupez5, wood from timber yards & luthier suppliers, some on ebay.
Quilt maple and redwood tops both from US ebay vendors.
Necks all off ebay.