i heard about these things called dummy cabs, and im intrigued.
can anyone tell me anything about them, like who uses them, how much they are and what types you can get?
they are useless unless you just want a wall of cabs for show. But yea tons of bands use them....just about any band you see that is running more then a full stack
yea im thinking of getting a few for my band to put behind them when we play live
will look awesome!
what type do ya think i should get? marshall mesa etc?
Bands use them to cart equipment around in, I thought.

I imagine the wood, cloth, logo's, nails, glue, effort to construct at a venue, etc isn't worth the coolness. I'd go for a nice thick cloth background (really good for room acoustics) with your band's emblem on or something awesome.
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Easy there tiger. It's rude to bump your threads, especially after only 23 minutes.


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uh..if you want someone to sell you an empty cab, then this isn't the right place :/

so I'm not really sure what you bumped for, unless you thought you'd find someone selling one

well i was hoping
cos i can't find any on the internet, and seeing as this is a guitarists forum, i would have thought then amongst the thousands of members at least one would want to get rid of some empty cabs.
have fun carting around empty cabs! Better have roadies to look cool
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by my post, I mean that you you should be posting a 'looking for an empty cab' thread in the classified section, not in gear building and customizing..

this section is for like.. actually building or customizing gear.

but to send you in the right direction, just search ebay and craigslist for 'empty cab', 'empty cabinet', 'unloaded cab', or anything along those lines..

you should be able to find an unloaded cab that way.

but in my own opinion, I'm not sure why you want an empty cab, anyway.. just seems like it'd take up a bunch of space for no particular reason :/

but whatever floats your boat
send me 500 euro plus shipping fees and i will send you the best piece of dummy cabinetage youll ever have standing behind you at you next gig, it will be the envy of all your friends.
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