Im looking for a guitar for about $750 (Id like to not go far beyond this price). I want it to be somewhat versatile. Generally I play blues, rock, classic rock, and some metal. I want it to have passive humbuckers (or at least one in the bridge position). So if anyone has any ideas Id like to hear them.

My current gear:

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
boss DS2
Ibanez S series. I've got mine and it does everything from blues to funk and metal.
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you should check out:

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute
Gibson Les Paul Junior
ESP EC-401
a Brian May guitar
Fender guitars in theat pricerange
Thanks for the help guys. Ive been going around to stores trying to test some of these out (havent been able to get hold of an S series yet).

I also forgot to say that I prefer a neck that doesnt have a glossy finish (and perhaps a maple fretboard, but thats not necessary). Does anyone else have any ideas?
Might want to hand out more information.

What type of bridge?
What type of neck joint?
What pickup layout?
What woods?
Anything else?
I have the exact same amp, I find it completely orgasmic. You might not believe me when I say this, but I play a gretsch electromatic 5122DC through it, and the tones are some of the best I've ever gotten. It feeds back sometimes when you're using higher gain, so you might want to invest in a noise suppressor, but it's great for blues soloing, classic rock riffing and surprisingly even metal chugging, and it's so unique and full of personality. I ****in love it.

EDIT: You didn't list them but it's also great for country and jazz if you were to venture into those styles.
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