With the hard hit of apathy
Drifting in the agony
Lesser than a miligram
Greater than the other man

-Sleeping off the morning sober
Living off the drunken humour
Cutting off the arteries and
Giving all the time you need-

[Little things that grow inside you
Figure out the lies you hide too
Breaking fingers, breaking nails while
Sorting through the f***ing trash
Nothing could ever save you now
Pick away the tiny scab that is you
Find meaning in what you're doing
Am I the one who's overusing?]

Couldn't take another moment
like the tear inside of you that so meant
Every word and every action
Took apart the aprehension

-Couldn't tell the truth to you
Blaming me like others do
Shouldn't spare another answer
To me you are a f***ing cancer-

(repeat verse 2)
i actually like it alot, the chorus could be worked on a little more, but other than that it flows very well

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Yeah I had a very hard time with the chorus :P but I'll work on it and post it on my profile somewhere