I'm thinking of getting my Dad a new guitar, because he's been playing on the same one for several years and it's a piece of crap.
I'm looking at the Yamaha FG700s and the Fender CD-60 Dreadnought.
Which would be the better of the two? What better acoustics are there under $200?
What is your dad currently playing? I only ask because I'm not sure either of those guitars will necessarily be an improvement over what he has.

The Yamaha FG700S is the minimum level of guitar I would buy, and it is heaps better than the Fender. But I would honestly make sure that your dad is really playing something of lesser quality that those, because they are truly entry-level guitars.

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He plays a burswood, he said he traded it for his classical =[
The burswood is a complete piece of crap. It's very dull compared to my Seagull and I can't seem to find any positive reviews of it online.
So anything should be a step up.
Oh, okay. Yeah, a burswood guitar isn't even really a guitar; its more a musical instrument shaped toy (it's even sold as a toy on amazon).

I would reiterate the Yamaha if $200 is really the most you could spend, because for a little more money you could have some of the lower end Seagulls. Either way, I would make sure that he is able to play it before you buy it, since guitars are really a personal thing.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
the yamaha fg700s isn't bad - not as good as one could get for a little more, but honestly if your dad is interested, and if he doesn't mind the neck profile and narrow nut width (some like it, some don't), it would be a good choice. perhaps you could go used and get a little more bang for your buck - a seagull, walden or perhaps an alvarez solid top. if you're going new, there's not another guitar i can think of at or under $200 worth playing. the others - mostly epiphone, fender, ibanez and mitchell - are not as well made, not as well finished and don't sound as good.
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no, there aren't. below $200 you're talking laminate top, which doesn't sound as good or as loud. if you must go lower, the yamaha 300 series is the only way to go, but i'd really try and go with the 700 series - it's MUCH better soundwise.

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Are there any competitors of the Yamaha in the sub-$200 range?
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