Soo before I call in some handyman to look at my dishwasher I thought i'd post my question here in case there is an easy fix. Basically the water won't drain and it just sits in the dishwasher. If it is clogged with something is there some special way to unclog it because I couldn't seem to remove the water drain cover...

Manually wash your dishes, then you wouldn't have to worry about this.
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does it make any sound at all?
you might need some new tubes
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Most reliable dishwasher...

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scoop all the food out of the drainage bit of the dishwasher, its normallywhat happens to mine
Guys the ts is a woman. Maybe she needs the dishwasher fixed so she can spend more time cooking.
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Something is clogged, you just have to fish around till you find the drain area and unclog it. Probably have to take off a protective cover or something.

Mine clogged last month, fortunately I live in an apartment complex and the maintenance guy came and fixed it in 10 minutes no problem.

It's not worth calling a special appliance guy in or anything over. If you can't do it yourself, try to recruit your handiest friend.