Okay Pit, I have an amazing opportunity to get a fantastic guitar at less than half of what it's worth, but the deal expires tomorrow morning. The problem is, I don't have sufficient funds to seize said opportunity. Any suggestions on how I could make $500 in less than a day?
Kodiak bears make awesome bandmates.

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no seriously 7x NGD is epicness i declare you the winner of all NGD's on UG never have i seen this xD
Ebay, earlier I put up a game to sell and it sold five minutes later 0_o
"If I told you that, I'd have to kill you."
"Why is it like.. top secret?"

become a merceniary
teach me how to spell









Borrow it???
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Busk for a few hours, earn a bit.

Ask your parents for money and tell them you'll pay them back later.

Prostitution, meth, cum blood blah blah
Rob a bank!
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
Go to ghetto. Buy cracks. Sell cracks. Rob cracks back from crackheads. Resell cracks to said crackheads for a higher price.
If it were socially acceptable, I would drape myself in velvet.

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When I was 11.

Googled "I would like to watch some porn please"

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I;m rdruk I feel no pain

loan from el bank?
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We're just trying to help man, cause it doesn't seem like you can get any pizza.