I finally got anew amp, and my first tube amp. It's a peavey valveking 212 that i got used. It sounds amazing! I can get any sound out of it from Circle Takes The Square to Atreyu to Maiden
sorry for the crappy pics

Nice! Congrats on the first tube amp! I remember mine... mostly because I still have it.

Are you planning on modding your Valveking?
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Delete your other thread, mate

Happy new amp day! New amp days kick ass

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Just think: One day you'll remember you Valveking spitefully.

HNGD for now though!
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Congrats! I'm about to upgrade from mine, but that's not to say it wasn't great! Get an EQ for the FX loop and an overdrive to throw in front and you'll be amazed by how much better it is. And if you can ever afford speaker change or another cab to run it through it sounds amazing. A lot of people give them a bad rap, but with a little bit of money, you can get GREAT tone from these things.
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Just think: One day you'll remember you Valveking spitefully.

HNGD for now though!

haha... nice way to start his new amp.

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