Hey, im going to get quite a bit of money over christmas from relatives and probably a bonus from work, so im going to customise my old Jose Ferrer El Primo 3/4 size acoustic. It was my first guitar ever so it has great sentimental value to me, regardless that it is crap due to the amount if abuse it has taken.
As it does not stay in tune, i will change the tuners and the nut Can anyone help on what parts to get and where I get them in the UK? as ordering from America will cost alot and take alot of time. It has alot of dents and scratches but plays fine so i will probably refinish it, can anyone give me any hints and tips with this? or will it all be in the painting & refinishing thread?
I am also thinking of adding a Piezo pickup to it, can anyone give any advice on what one and how hard would it be to install for a complete beginner? Would I be able to use my current electric guitar amp with an acoustic with a piezo in?
sorry about the amount of text and questions, help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Do you like how it sounds now? If so, don't you dare repaint it. A new coat of paint DRAMATICALLY changes the tone of any acoustic guitar.

I would suggest a simple acoustic pickup, and yes, you can plug it into a normal amp to amplify it.
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^ Sage advice. Do not paint.
Check with Skeet UK about parts in the UK. You can find him in the Painting Thread and PM him.

Also, great original post. You titled it appropriately, you clearly stated what guitar you have and what you want to do with it, and you provided helpful pictures. Cheers to you sir, I hope others fallow your lead!