Hello my name is Joseph Elliott, I work at a coffee shop and I'm a musician. I tell everybody this.

this was my very first song I wrote, (about a year ago) and i have been recording it for the last week. so here it is...
welcome to the land of Moon Crest....
just for fun, if you want to hear the first recording I did of it...
^thats the old one^

OH and C4C
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Really freaking cool! Loved the intro weirdness, your vocals were perfect. My only complaint is that the drums felt off in timing and also a bit out of place.

The transition was really unexpected, but I thought it was pretty cool. It was smooth.

The transition back, however, felt stranger. I felt like the song should have kept going that way until the end.

I really want to listen to your other songs, but clicking on them doesn't do anything, oh well.

Good work on this.
I like it.
If I could make a suggestion... id change the drumming a little bit, go for something more laid back and loose whatever that tamborine/cowbell/shaker thing is.
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YOUR SAYING LOOSE THE COWBELL!!! meh your right, I'll do it tomorrow, I already spent 5 hours today on this. but I do agree with you so thanks
this is pretty good, love the intro, and i actually like the percussion, though the percussion at the intro seemed a little out of time, but it's not, just seems that way because of the actual pattern. You might need to put them in a little later or something, when your vocals enter. Your vocals seemed very John Lennon influenced (which is a strong compliment by the way) but i'm not sure if i like the way the transition occurred. The transition riff was good though, so it kept me listening nicely. The backing Synth strings(?) were a nice addition, fitted in nicely. Contrary to what the person above said, i actually really liked the transition back, that was nice to finish the way you started. Good Job.

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