I know there are tons of guides on mixing and mastering and such, but I can never follow any of those, I'm looking for someone who would be able to walk me through the basics of mixing. I have a few projects that I recorded with reaper (little/no equalization), so I was wondering if someone was bored and wanted to mix them for/with me or help me mix them myself.
If nobody's willing, can you guys suggest some entry-level mixing guides/videos?
I know that there is massive room for improvements in my recordings and I would like to make them better.

Right now I'm just running a toneport into podfarm into reaper and recording like that but I plan on getting a fast track Ultra for christmas so I guess that will help for quality.

My recordings are pretty simple, usually a few guitar tracks (mostly always doubled and hard-panned), guitar pro files run my Addictive Drums via MIDI, and my bass is just my guitar through a bass amp (podfarm) and then pitch-shifted down an octave

really crappy stuff, but I hope you guys can help

Also, I hope you don't mind my poor writing ;D , I basically just write stuff as it comes into my head, so I tend to get a bit off-topic. I never did like english class.
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You're doing a lot of things right actually, I really liked the tone of your post, it sounds pretty eager to learn - quite a few people round here are stuck in bad habits and don't want to move on.

I wouldn't upgrade from a Toneport to a Fast Track in this case, it's not really much of a step up, maybe spend your money on getting a cheap bass to add to your recordings - if you're doing metal a jazz bass in probably your best bet, as it makes the recording sound so much more full.

EQing on guitars really isnt something I like to do a lot, if you get the guitar tone right you really shouldnt have to - as a rule, some professional mixers use vast amounts of EQ on guitars, but most others just use the natural guitar tone, which I think its a better idea.

You'll want to learn how to compress drums, what to add reverb to, if you haven't already checked this out:


Then it might be an idea. More tutorials and stuff will be coming soon, if you want personal advice on stuff then pm me your msn address or something and I'll be more than willing to help you out.
aha I guess I forgot to mention that I have the toneport GX (worst one, 1x1), and i'd be upgrading to an interface with 4 preamps and 2 extra ins, 6 outputs, 2 headphone jacks, etc etc ;D

I do plan on getting a bass guitar at some point in the future, it will most likely be a second hand samick or squier or something though haha

i dont really worry about the drums because that is mostly taken care of inside of addictive drums, in the preset.

what I am worried about is making my instruments "fit" together in the mix, that sort of thing

EDIT: Also, upgrading from line6 to m-audio will be upgrading from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0 (huuuuge upgrade in data transfer rate)
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you can't use a guitar to replace your lack of charm or social skills.

Worked for Malmsteen.
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