I keep getting thse text messages for something stupid trivia\ context thing. Apparently it's been charging me $2 for eveyone they send, so Ihave an extra $24 on my phone bill this month. Seriously pissed off right now, this shouldnt even be legal. Is it possbile to block them? I have no idea where it's coming from.
It's costing you money to receive them?
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Does it have a thing in the text that says "Text this to stop receiving these"?

And yes there is a way to block it, but I don't know what it is
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I've just been deleting them as I get them, il see if it gives a number or something next time.
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anyways my friend got these to from trying to get easy cash on farmville, just call your phone service and talk to customer service, thats what he did and he didnt have to pay them









reply to the next message you get with "Stop" if that does not work google the number to see which triva testing site someone has entered your phonenumber into and than see what it tells you.