I am micing a Fender Blues Jr. with an SM58 that's hooked into a Presonus Studio Channel Preamp. This is output into my Motu Ultralite mk3 which is hooked via firewire to my PC and recorded via Cubase 5 in Windows 7 64-bit. The VU meter on my pre-amp does not indicate any clipping not does the input level within cubase. The waveform does not appear to have any clipping either. Does this type of buzzing sound like anything to you guys? Maybe it's not clipping but it certainly sounds unpleasant. I've bypassed all of my pedals at this point and there is only a slight amount of gain ( like .5) in there.
I'm hearing a chime near the end. Are you hitting a harmonic accidentally?
I compressed and low+high passed it, and it sounds like this: http://www.mediafire.com/?i1ywmozedn4

Check your in out levels, and try removing the preamp out of the chain.
Also check your grounding and power sources.
Thanks for the reply. I never noticed that chiming sound.. that's very strange. The sound i'm hearing is more of an unpleasant distortion during the attack. Like a soft clip.

I've done a little bit more research and now beginning to think that it's 'tube rattle' coming from my amp which is apparently very common w\ the blues jr. It's not that apparent to my ears but I guess the mic is exaggerating it? Actually.. when I really put my ear in line with speaker it really is obvious that it's coming from the amp. What's annoying is I just bought it brand new...
Ok, so I went back to guitar center and exchanged my amp for a new one. They said that 'tube rattle' was most likely the cause. I tested it out before hand and did notice this buzzy distortion I had been hearing and brought it home. I also picked up a new sm57 to replace my old sm58... I did another recording and I am still noticing this annoying distorted static-y tinge..


It just doesn't sound natural to me..

My amp is on carpet btw and I tried turning down the lows... I tried using the pre-amp on my motu ultralite mk3, but it seemed way to quiet and I could not for the life of me figure out how to add gain..
New development:

It seems like this crackle I'm hearing only happens when using the neck and bridge pick-ups on my guitar (both seymour duncan humbuckers). This recording alternates between my middle single coil and my neck humbucker. You can clearly hear the gross crackle after-taste:


Is this a natural humbucker quirk or is my guitar in need of repairs?