so I'm going to up-grade from my crate GLX120OH+GX412R half stack to a line six spidervalve HD100 MKII head with a 412VS cab. i found the head for a good price and my dad has gave me 300 for my birthday which has just past and i think with a little talking into i could get him to buy it used for 500,now this dose not include the cab witch is another 700,so my question is would it sound good through a crate GX412R?
i was playing on looking for a good used combo tube amp sense i already have a decent half stack that I'm running a Digitech RP350 through, so your opinions?
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Kinda depends on what speakers are in your cab.

Spider Valve may or may not be an upgrade.

An RP350 into a SV does not make sense.

Big +1

Also, what band's have a tone that you're trying to emulate. We may be able to find something that would be better suited for you than a Spider Valve (not implying they are bad amps or anything, just saying they are a jack of all trades and a master of none).