ok, so im finally wanting to upgrade acoustic guitars, and heres what id like/need it to have

1.say 500 max, but hopefully more like 3-400 cause i may buy a pickup for it.

2. i dont mind a dreadnought but id like a smaller bodystyle

3.i like very raw finishes on acoustics. no lacquery feel on the neck.

4. i dont like weird colors. just very classic looks

5.i would like a cutaway

6.preferably acoustic electric, but i can just get a pickup

7. id like a good v shaped neck
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Check out Seagulls. They offer everything you want except for a v shape neck.
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the acoustic electric i usually recommend has a gloss finish and no v neck. the only acoustic electric seagull that is in his price range is the entourage dread, and it is an odd color with no cutaway and no v neck

the acoustic electrics in your price range aren't the best - they'd mostly be ibanez, deans, washburns and ovation, and a few taks, but none i've tried had the v neck, and most for that price aren't even solid tops. the fenders might be solid tops in that price range, although they don't sound great. you'd get a lot more bang for your buck if you went used.