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Yes, clearly!
28 47%
No! What the heck!?
19 32%
I don't even know what you're talking about.
12 20%
Voters: 59.
Wow. I am getting really irritated. I am looking at magic eye pictures, and i just can't see anything!

Can any of you?

Apparently, you stare at the image, and a 3D shape pops out at you.

It's not working!

EDIT: Search these links for some Magic Eye pictures, I'm having some trouble uploading:

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You're doing it wrong. The trick is to force your eyes to focus on the image as if you're looking at something directly behind it. Basically, look "through" it.
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I couldn't get it to come up. WTF?!
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You need to focus your eyes behind the picture. Wiki it, and it will tell you how and why it works.
1st is a 3-d heart
2nd one is a shark
3rd one is some very colorful ridges
4th is another 3d heart.

TS, stare at the images, cross your eyes, and slowly bring the picture into focus while your eyes are crossed.
the second one is a shark!
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"a schooner is a sailboat, dummy."

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They probably work better on paper than on a computer screen. My eyes hurt slightly after doing one on the screen...
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yeah, just gaze at the screen.

don't actually "examine" the image.

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Thought I saw a heart in the first one... not so sure though. Can't make anything out in the others.
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heart.. shark...not sure about the 3rd one.. seems like its waves of some kind...and the last one is also a heart!!
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I see a heart in the 1st and shark fins in the 2nd, 2 plus signs or crosses in the 3rd and another heart in the 4th