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I been writing Hard Rock riffs for Verse's and to me they sound ok, the riffs I write for Intro's sound ok, and when I do a riff for a bridge it sounds ok. But as soon as I write a riff for a chorus, it starts to sound like crap. For some reason I just can not get a good chorus riff.

Lets say I write a riff that starts in D Major, it will come out fine, all the others will be fine, but come time for that chorus riff and it turns out like crap. Say for example (everything is will be in 4/4 time 86 BPM) the riff I write for the Verse, the chords/notes played would all be 16th notes, the rests would be 1/8 rests and 16th rests, I would have chords of D5, G5, G Major, C Major, and F5, I can make the riffs for the Verses sound ok and the intro and the bridge, but the riff for the Chorus will sound like crap or worse. Any suggestions on how to go about coming up with good riffs for a chorus?
try half timing and use quarter and 8th notes and using a major minor approach as you have d major you could use d minor which now leaves you to use d, e, f, g, a, bflat, csharp ( or c natural if you want to use the relative minor which is basically the lydian mode of f major.. try using some of D, A,Bm, G, and or maybe even your E, F, and C if those first 4 dont give you what you want
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Look at some key theory and how some of your favourite songs use chords on the chorus.

For example, if your verse is in D, some songs will use the Bm as the starting chord for the chorus - relative minors.

Another way to do it is to first create melody lines and make the chords around them.
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Some bands use the intro riffs in the chorus as well

I'd would say to try this. its extremely common in heavy metal and hard rock.
But what about incorporating a Pre-Chorus and then the Chorus?

How would you all go about writing it like that?
I think it would make more sense to write the melody for the chorus first and then put the chords behind it.
I just think about how I want it to sound first..

If you already have rhythm tracks for it or something, try listening to it and just imagining what kind of lead stuff could go over it.
I suggest writing a 4 chord progression for the chorused based off the rest of the song. Meaning: Make a 4 chord progression with the chords you used for the verse or the chords in that particular key. and write a melody line over that and you're good!