My bands first song. We are still working on bass drums and rhythm but its close.
Some criticism would be good
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its hard to get a feel for it without the drums the begining was good but as a whole the song seemed a little boring it would probably be better once the drums and vocals were present.
Intro (bars 1-16) is quavers, not crotchets and so is the tempo not 300 bps but 150.
Same goes for the next section (bars 17-32). Also this section is kinda boring, either add some variation to the chords within one bar (one bar -> 8 quavers, not the 4 crotchets) or add some special rhythm to it.
Bars 41-51: 41-46 is okay, it has structure. 47-49 feels chaotic compared to 41-46.
52-67: 52-55 okay, good. 56-57 repeats in 58-59 which doesn't feel right after 52-55 which wasn't repeating. 64-65 feels out of place here.