i just picked up a crate g20 at the salvation army today it powers on but makes no noise. I havent really dug into it but i jiggled the wires around in the back and still got nothing. Would it be the speaker or something else inside the amp? i felt around and the cone doesent feel like it has any ripps or anything. any ideas?
the amp to guitar cord? i tried a few of them on the crate and a different amp no luck. it has 2 inputs and i couldnt get anything out of either of them but the 1st one feels alittle worn out but it holds the cord in as well as my moms marshall
turn the volume up on the guitar?

are all the knobs on the amp above 0?
volume on max and all the knobs on amp turned to 10= still nothing its confusing its not making any buzzing or humming noises or anyhting. and thanks for the manual im lookin at it now.
You are very lucky, to find an amp at a place like that.

Haven't you ever thought there being a reason for it being at Salvation Army?
..I was watching my death.