So my mate tried to trade in his old acoustic for a new one today and they said his guitar had "bellied". I had never heard of this term before but when he explained it, it sounded like a humidity issue (too humid).

Basically, just underneath the bridge the top of his guitar has bulged (upwards) which has caused the action to get messed up; and at any rate doesn't sound good.

He wants to fix this so he can sell it. I thought that this bulging was caused by too much humidity in his guitar. The people in the shop said it was also worsened by not changing strings frequently (as in never in 3 or so years).

Is this right, and thus will using a de-humidifier and putting new strings on remedy the problem.

Thanks for your help people.

(And yes I constantly tell him that he needs to take better care of his guitars).
It might work in this case (I don't know, never dealt with a "bellied" guitar) to dehumidify it...but normally you should keep guitars, acoustic mainly, in a humid environment to keep them sounding nice and prevent stuff from happening to them (like the body cracking because of temperature changes). Humidity is usually a good thing for acoustics.
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Maybe. Maybe not. If it's an inexpensive guitar ... well, they do that sometimes.

Most likely it's a tension issue. Not changing the strings could do it, or more likely using heavier strings to help prevent breakage. Try switching to really light strings - 11s, or even 10s if you can find them. If you can only find 11s, also tune the guitar down a half-step. And get a humidifier.

If, after a month, keeping it at the right humidity and putting lower tension on the guitar doesn't help ... then you, my friend, might be tits up. Hopefully that's not the case.

Good luck.
maybe a support brace inside the cavity is broken? ....i dont really know,just thought id through that out there
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^ Cheers guys, that's been really helpful.

The guitar was about £300+ when he bought it new so while it wasn't cheap it's not that expensive either. The store said that it would take a fair amount of money and months to remedy the problem, so I agree with Collins that the fact that they didn't want to do this themselves isn't a good sign.

He's trying another store today and he said he'll take whatever he can get. I think this would be best, but if I'm honest I don't think they'll make him an offer.

I just hope he looks after his new guitar a lot better than this one.

Thanks a lot.

I would take it to a luthier. They will take one look at it and give you the real reason. Different shops and stores always tell you a plethera of different diagnosis'.

Most luthiers will take a look for free.

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