The riff is good, but the overall production is detracting from the song. The guitars sound kind of thin, and the drums are robotic sounding.

That said, the track is something I can actually bang my head to, which I assume you were going for. The riffs are tight, and the solo is quite good, although a bit to wankish for my taste.

Overall, a solid effort.

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Its really good, the guitars are great. The overall song is pertty thrashy, alot better take on thrash than what I play, I dont even know what genera I play, I've heard it called thrash, hardcore, metal, alternative, stoner metal, heavy metal. IDK.

Anyway, The guitars sound really tiny and thin, and the drums are much too loud and overpower the drums. Try to level your drums a few DB above your guitar tracks, and it should sound pertty blanced. Your guitars need alot more mids, mids are everything in recording, without mids in your recording, you will sound like your playing underwater. So basically, level your drums and guitar tracks, more mids on your guitars, double track that bitch, and you will have epicness.

Great song, loved it.