So pit what are some lulzing moments you've had in detention.

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I sent my mom to GC once to get me some picks, and she came back with a pickguard for a Tele. I don't even have a Tele!
I missed the bus home from a school trip once. The teacher had to wait for me and needless to say she was far from amused.
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I once asked my teacher to go to the toilet.

she let me.

shit was cash.
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I got detention because I was chewing gum. I freaking hated that school
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I often got after-school detention. Tons of funny things but one day this really nerdy looky guy came in, and the teacher said "You look like you can't even harm a fly, why are you in here?" I forget what the reason was but she signed his paper and let him go.
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Once I was in after school detention and all was quiet when some kids phone started ringing - 'I'm bringing sexy back...'. Needless to say, lulz ensued.
I got in trouble for punching a nerd and almost knocking him out. The kid was bawling. I laughed at him right in his face while a teacher was watching and got dettention.
I blamed it on the kid, he got detention, and he bawled his eyes out the whole time. It was the most amusing time of my life.

Edit: I had good reason to punch him so dont go calling me some jackass bully. He kicked me in the balls during gym for no ****ing reason.
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i watched the jfk assasination with one of my favorite teachers during inschool suspension, he liked me and wasnt the one that gave me detention.

man that was a sick video, it like went through everyhthing, all the possible scenarios, everything, even that he was still alive for 24ish hours after the shot, even though he had like half a head
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So one time I went to Saturday school detention. Now this normally doesn't happen to me because I'm very smart and a good kid (some would say I'm a nerd...). There were 4 other kids there: an rebel with big nostrils, a wrestler who was kinda douchey, a prom queen that I jerked off to later that night, and an outcast who ended up being hotter than the prom queen.

The asshole prinicpal made us all write essays on what we did or whatever. In the end, they all had me just write one article! Showed him huh?!

We got into all sorts of shenanigans, such as dancing, throwing balogna on statues, smoked pot, and tons of other cool stuff. The rebel and the prom queen hooked up in the bathroom, and the outcast and the wrestler hooked up in another bathroom. I got to look through a peephole! It was awesome!!
Then the rebel walked off to music and struck a cool pose. I went home and cried.
back in the day like four-five years ago me and my two buddies got detention. Me and one of them were pretty used to getting detention and things like that(we were so badass!) but the third one behaved most of the time good in class and this was probably his first detention. So
after some really boring minutes of studying some shit, all of a sudden when there was complete silence in the classroom the detention virgin shouted out with tears in his eyes: I HATE LIFE!!!... followed by that a few seconds of silence but then me and the other one just bursted out laughing, then the teacher just let us go to have a 1 on 1 talk to him. Felt pretty bad afterwards thinking about how he must have felt when we laughed like that....
my sis got detention after school a few weeks ago and I had to wait for her (we walk home) so I decide to sit at a desk in the classroom and look at the dictionary under the desk. I looked up the word "fail" and wanted to laugh for some reason really hard. I kept trying to hold it in, and would come close to letting it out. My sister said the teacher kept looking at me weird
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I got suspended for having my phone at school, they set the date for my birthday, I almost burst out laughing right there, fun day.

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Nobody showed up for detention at my secondary school. Besides, they didn't have a room big enough to hold us all...
Ok the last bit was a lie but I only once heard of anyone actually showing up for their detention. I know I never went.
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