the Peavey VYPYR 100 Modeling Guitar Combo Amp?
If so, why?
And if not, why and what amp would you recommend?

I'm trying to look for a good amp that is show worthy. Like good enough for backyard shows and small to medium sized venues.
And it has to be from 400 to 600 $$$. lol -.-
What kind of music do you play? I probably still won't be of much help, but those with knowledge in here will want to know.

its a nice amp i have it, it has buttons so u can go from clean to distorted real quick so u dont have to mess around with knobs all day..

guitar center had it on sale for 100 but its usually 200 and idk if the sale ended yet but with black friday coming up im sure its still there.

also its very loud for 15W
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Most SS amps sound like crap at gig volumes. idk if that is SS, but i'm assuming it is. You could probably get a tube amp at that price used. My Classic 30 can gig un-mic'd. you dont need 100 watts

meh,you can get a decent tube amp at dat price
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Go for the Vypyr Tube 60 instead.
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I'd definitely get the Vypyr Tube 60 instead of the 100 if you like the vypyrs. Look at the Bugera 333's also.


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Try to get a Bugera if you can shed about 50 more dollars
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