Hey UG, I have $100 and it's 15% off on Black Friday so which of the following should I get?

Peavey Vypyr 15W
Line 6 Spider IV 15W
Peavey Royal 8 (Tube)

I've only tried the Vypyr 30 (Didn't like it), but it seems that the Spider IV is a lot better than the Spider III. The Royal 8 is kinda iffy because I don't have any good pedals to boost in into metal territory. I'm bringing these amps to college next year.

Looking for:
Nice Crunch ACDC tone
Decent Metal tone (think BFMV, Killswitch Engage)
Decent Blues tone (Guthrie Govan?)
Nice "Lead" tone (think Satriani's Satch Boogie)

I know I can't ask for much, especially for a $100, seems to me that the Royal 8 is better for long-term, but I don't have much money for pedals. Thanks.
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i would go with the royal 8. its a tube and you'll definitely not regret getting it. it could get you the acdc tone and the blues tone, and maybe the satriani tone. 3 out of 4 aint bad
I tried the Royal 8 and really didn't like it... some how they managed to make a tube amp sound crappy I would say go with the vyper too
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And pedals!

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i like line 6 better than peavey so i'd go for the Spider IV

edit: my advice ain't worth that much
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i have the Line 6 spider on layaway right now but i played it some and its pretty nice and it has some nice features
Yeah, I honestly don't think any of those choices are bad, I'm just trying to get the most of my money.......

Does the vypyr/spider take pedals well?
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Quote by loaded_
i like line 6 better than peavey so i'd go for the Spider IV

Brand name doesn't mean a thing, and if you think it does then I must say you are rather ignorant. Example... Peavey makes a 6505 and a Classic 30, as well as the Peavey Envoy. Marshall makes a JCM 800 as well as the MG series. You could've played a Line 6 Vetta and a Peavey Rage and said "Man this Line 6 blows the Peavey out of the water. All Peavey's suck!!!1!!1olol1!"

TS, IMO I like the Spider IVs better than the SS Vypyrs... the Vypyr tubes are a whole different beast though. Never had the chance to play a Royal 8. And if you could, I'd look into the Bugera V5 with an OD/ Distortion pedal for metal. I'd play all of them before you have the chance to buy them though. Take that for what it's worth.


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take the spider if you want 8-bit Nintendo NES kind of sound
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Yeah, I honestly don't think any of those choices are bad, I'm just trying to get the most of my money.......

Does the vypyr/spider take pedals well?

No, neither of those amps takes pedals particularly well. Also, you will find that the Vypyr has better tones than the Spider in general. More organic-sounding distortion, somewhat better cleans, and passable mid-gain tones. None of those amps are excellent, but the Vypyr is the best for the money.
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I have a Royal 8. Looking back, a different purchase would've been wiser. Tube is nice, definitely has better tone but doesn't have the gain on tap to do what you want and do keep in mind, it is loud. I absolutely love how it sounds when I can turn the volume up, but I can barely ever do that with my apartment living scheme. If you've got the ability to really open her up then go for it, if not then I'd urge going with the Vypyr.

Also just read the part about college, and yeah, you won't really be able to turn up the Royal 8 enough in my opinion. And I know it has a headphone jack but in my experience it sounds like shite, so much so that it isn't usable.
Yeah, thanks for the replies. I think I'm just gonna try them both friday, I'll post clips after that!
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