a few months back, i was perusing the pedalboard thread and saw an effect that piqued my interest. i am looking for it again, but i can't remember for the life of me what it was. it is not a mainstream manufacturer, so i cant find it on any of the main vendor sites.

i think it was a chorus pedal. it was red, and i want to say it had 2 footswitches on it, but i could be wrong about that last part. it had some goofy name.

can anyone give me any help from my vague description? i went back and looked again in the thread but the pic is gone (half of the pics in there have gotten deleted or removed).

thanks in advance.

me liek purple
but seriously,i need moar detail
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nope. that's not it.

i remember it was deep red. i think it might have even had some flip switches on it.