Hello everyone, i have just recently purchased a guitar pickup (a Dimarzio hs-4, formerly YJM) and i would like to install it myself. Unfortunately i have no experience in soldering.
Already tried using Google to search for tutorials about soldering pickups and how the wiring works in a guitar.

Probably i should go to a professional and pay him to do the installation of the pickup, but I'm a little bit paranoid since some years ago i paid someone to install a humbucker on the bridge position of my guitar (it was a dimarzio evolution pickup). But to this day I'm not sure if i got what i paid for and the bastard stole my pickup and installed a cheap one instead. (Anyway, is there a way for me to make sure i have a Dimarzio evolution pickup installed on my guitar?)

I want to install my new pickup in the neck position of my guitar (it's a strat if that helps) and the pickups from bridge to neck are: Humbucker-Single-Single.

Thanks in advance for the help.
It's quite easy. I did two pickup swaps with no experience and successful results. The pickup should come with a little instruction manual that tells you which wires go where. Two get soldered together, one gets grounded on the back of a pot and the other goes to the pickup selector.

You'll need a 25-45 watt iron and 60/40 rosin core solder, wire strippers and a little electrical tape which you can get for under $15

also your evolution should look like this, though it may be a different color(s)
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