Okay, so i've written and recorded 6 minutes of music in Cubase. I have 13 audio tracks and 6 MIDI tracks. Now i want to export it, but theres a problem. It's only exporting one of the tracks. My locators are properly set, and none of my tracks are muted or solo'd. When I mute the one track that's exporting, i get 6 minutes of silence. When no tracks are muted or solo'd, i get 5 minutes of silence and the track (it only comes in around 5 minutes to the end of the song). When i solo any other track, i just get silence.

I am really at a loss at what it could be here and it's really disheartening to not be able to show the world your music.

If any of you guys have anything close to an idea of what it could be, i'd be really grateful for it.