On the Line

Verse I
Packin’ my bags the last thing on my mind
Getting away would only take time
All these broken memories takin’ a toll on me

Verse II
Shattered dreams never make believe
How could I ever let this be
Cuz the words that you said taken over me

Chorus x2
Should I be the one left in the street
Knowing that you wouldn’t be my queen
I should have known better than love again
Should I have left love on the line

Verse 3
Maybe we were broken from the start
Never realizing we might fall
Should you really be the one to say we would never have it all

Chorus 2x
This seems like a song a 70's band would have written. These are a pretty nice change from most lyrics I've read/heard recently. I like the chorus, I would definitely keep that how it is. For some reason, the verses don't seem to flow well, probably because the lines all have different syllables. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be or not, but it doesn't flow well in my head. I would try harder to make the lines closer to the same amount of syllables.