Anyone ever seen one in the flesh? It seems like they are one off customs

While searching for some better guitar set up vids I stumbled across this vid.


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I love the looks of the guitars but I really can find any info on them and what I found on Dan'L Terry is mostly about his art.

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John, Glad to see your curiousity on the guitar line which are very rare and limited in number, although I did try to move them into the marketplace on a mass scale. It's a long story but basically the investors backed out not wishing to invest cash in marketing or setting up a production line. So about a dozen were built of three different models (the Pfazer, the XCaliber, and the Saturn IV bass) before the company was shut down after just two showings at NAMM.
Although I've lost the "brand name" and the IP on the initial designs, I have other designs and a access to a few bodies that can be equipped with hardware and electronics and finished out.

There are video samples of some of the instruments at several sites including my myspace page (Danlguitars). Theres a video of Johnnie Lee ("looking for love in all the wrong places") at www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEOLyBsP32g

There's a few more showing the diversity of sounds that that same model created at www.vimeo.com/tag:pfazer and www.vimeo.com/2171954

The original danl guitars website is shut down but I do have some full color brochures remaining I could send you. All of the original prototypes and first production samples were sold save for the one production sample Pfazer that is being finished now (in a gold pearl finish). If you'd like more information you are welcome to call me directly at (512) 945-1308.
Dan'l Terry (designer, builder) Austin, TX.
Wow, Thanks Dan'l I love guitars that are far from the normal LP and Strat shapes. When I saw the vid I had to stop it and just check out the guitars then I went on the hunt for info and really only came up with info on your graphic design etc. I will give you a call.

Recommend against doing business with Dan Terry. I ordered a custom guitar from him in 2006. Because he makes lovely guitars and because he conned me into thinking he was financially unable to complete the instrument without the money up front, I paid for the instrument in full. We had a contract describing the instrument he would create for me. Dan Terry has steadfastly refused to complete my instrument and convey it to me. He has also not made any effort to return my money. I am an innocent; I've never done anything to deserve this treatment from Dan Terry. Buyer Beware.
Same as elson48, I looked up Dan Terry and he conned me into thinking he was going to make me a custom guitar (Phazer). I sent him two payments of $500 each back in 2012-2013. He continued to claim he was "finishing up" the guitar, then would keep finding something else to do with it. He finally said it was done, then tried to gouge me for more money for shipping. I refused to pay more than the agreed upon price. He then found more "work" that needed to be done, then finally said he couldn't sell the guitar because he wasn't happy with it. He said he was going to refund my money. It is 2015 and I am still waiting. He has made no effort to refund my money. Anyone contemplating doing business with him, do yourself a favor and walk away.