So today I was walking with my friend to play some basketball and I found $20 on the ground. lol. Even I couldn't believe it.

So I'm going to the music store tomorrow, and I'm planning to buy some small things with the $20.

I was thinking of possibly picks, strings, one of those mic-stand pick holders and some other things. Any item suggestions/ brand suggestions?
theres nothing wrong with having extra lead so yeah...
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Cool colored picks
Colored knobs!

lol i dont know!

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seriously? 20$ wont get you far lol.

youd get more creative answers in the pit

but maybe a few packs of strings?
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or new strings, picks, leads and etc like people mentioned.
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New knobs, **** load of picks, Chords, couple packs of strings, straplocks, a new strap, cd's, pick holders, guitar polish, guitar rags, or maybe a capo?
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My gear so far:

-Cort KX5 (pearl white)
-Crybaby Wah
-Danelectro Cool Cat
-Fender Twin Reverb 65' Reissue
-Hardwire TL2
Get a set of strap locks or a Scott Henderson CD. Everyone should have a Scott Henderson CD.
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