Lately, I've been looking to buy a new amp. I keep looking at the same ones:

- Marshall TSL 122
- Mesa Boogie Nomad
- Carvin V3

Have you have any experience with any of these? I'm interested in buying a classic rock/80s hair metal shred amp. I play Van Halen, AC/DC, Ratt, Warrant, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Winger, Steve Vai, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Poison, Journey, KISS, etc. I play a Gibson Firebird Studio. As you can see I've been trying to find a 3 or more channel amp that's around $1,000. If you can tell me what you think of any of these, or if you have any more suggestions, please help me out.
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Having no experience with the Marshall or the Mesa I really can't help you out much.

However, I can say that the V3 is hard to beat for the price. Its a fairly versatile, well-rounded amp and imo it would cover those bands you listed fairly well.

However, I must ask:

Does it have to be new? You're not willing to buy used?

Is this more for bedroom practice, jamming with friends, gigging, or a combination of the three?

Are you looking for a head or a combo? If you're looking for a head, which cab are you planning on using it with?
Thanks for the help. I can buy new or used. I am not jam and bedroom practice but am not gigging (though will be sometime in the future). I don't know much about heads and cabs so I was looking for a combo.... combo is simpler for me. Cabinets seem like too much of a hassle to move back and forth and it normally seems like combos are cheaper. But, if it came to it, a head wouldn't be too bad (maybe with a 2x12 extentions).
i don't really know where you are trying to go, 'ease and less expense' or 'tone'.

for 'ease and less expense' you are right where you wanna be at. if you want ease with more expense i would look at those egnator/randall modular amps. incredible things for an all in one package. if you have never checked them out, they come with a tube power section with 6L6's or EL34's. then you choose 2 or 3 'modules' for the preamp. these modules are anything you want really. and it is all tube. expensive after buying yer modules though.


for 'tone', go for a big 2x12 with a couple real badass celestion style speakers(not just 2 v30's). then get some style head around 50 to 100 watts that is in the style of a modded marshall plexi. in fact you can get a handwired plexi copy that can be moded to your spec for under 2 grand. ouch, expensive, but primo. i would recommend a 2 weber silver bells with ceramic speakers(remake of an old marshall celestion).
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