Hey guys I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on some of my new songs for my band The Darkness Peering.
All of our songs off of our first demo are on our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/thedarknesspeering

It seems to be difficult to get feedback from random people so I thought I'd ask the community here at UG for their professional opinions

Thanks guys!
Not bad over all. You definitely need a metronome though... it got out of time quite a bit in alot of places, especially in the beginning "May the Sky Rain Ashes." The guitar work is cool and I like the vocals quite a bit. The solo in "Vengeance" is pretty sweet.
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Thanks man! I appreciate the feedback, the problem with the metronome is especially in the beginning of 'May the Skies Rain Ashes' is that it is in free time so it feels kind of weird. Overall though, the recording was done in a bedroom using mattress padding as soundproofing material haha. Thanks for the vocal compliment btw! I really appreciate it since I am the vocalist as well. Definitely keep listening though because we have a professional studio album being released on January 4th. Thanks so much for the feedback!
Hey guys check out the myspace, we just updated it with pictures from the show.
Also we have a video of May the Skies Rain Ashes from the show as well, unfortunately it starts after the first verse. Please please please comment on the myspace and give us feedback here because we are going into the studio very soon to record our DEBUT album. Any comments and constructive criticism/feedback is much appreciated!