Okay, forgive me if this is in the wrong thread and please redirect me to where I need to be if it is. I want to get a epiphone version of the les paul Slash has, you know simply because it's much cheaper. Around how much do you think it would cost??? I checked sweetwater but I'm not sure. If I could I'd really like to pay a monthly fee. You know like a payment plan. Could someone tell me if there's a les paul epiphone same color tones and stuff as salsh's for as cheap as possible, also can you see if there are monthly payment plans availible, I'd really appreciate it. Again if this is in the wrong thread do forgive me, I can't think of another place to put it.
If you want the EXACT same as slash, then it wont be cheap Im afraid
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If you want the EXACT same as slash, then it wont be cheap Im afraid

No, not the EXACT, an epiphone which is a carbon copy, shouldn't it be cheaper? Also still you didn't answer my question.
I think Epiphone customs are about £300? It's less to do with the guitar, more to do with the amp.
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according to gibson.com, the epiphone version is $1,464.


Not that kind. I'm lookin for more of the look, you know just a les paul standard not black I can't put my finger on the exact name of the finish. I don't want the EXACT thing now that I think about it, knowing now that it will be horrendusly overpriced.
There are 2 slash signatures now one is a goldtop and the other is a tobacco burst finish. Apparently the only way to get the tobacco burst finish on an epi is on the slash signature. Also the slash has the long tenon neck joint something not offered on other LP models. The pickups are easy enough to get SD alnico pro II. If you want the slash signature look your gonna have to lay out the cash for one. Im guessing your plan was buy a cheaper model but get the same finish.
It would be helpful if you could give us a clearer idea of what it is you actually want. Do you want a Slash Signature model guitar? Do you just want a Les Paul with the tobacco burst finish his is most famous for? Do you just want a Les Paul with a goldtop finish that he is also famous for? Do you just want to get a sound close to his? Do you just want to get a neck close to his?
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I like the gold top but I've made my decision. I'm ordering the epiphone les paul standard plain to. It was financed for 19 dollars a month. Thanks for all your help
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Actually, The tobacco burst LP was about $700 new on musiciansfreind and you could prolly find one used on ebay or guitarcenter.com for about that price.