Im kinda stuck.... idk if i should get an esp ltd ec-401 or a B-52 LS100 and LS412A Half Stack for christmas...

those r the two things i've slimmed it down too?? no alternitives...

i have a bc rich delux jr v with emgs and floyd, but i think i might need a back up guitar for shows...and i have a line 6 120w 2x12

Definitely an amp if you don't like your sound.
Got a price range?
I assume you play metal.
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well idk i have my own uniq style if that makes sence, i playn in drop c# i love killswitch and protest the hero and the architects
Definately an amp.
If you have a bad guitar, but a great amp, sure you'll get lots of buzz, and feedback.
But your tone, Will be KICKASS!
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