Ok my friend PizzaStar said to make an account and post this for him here(he left out a stanza before because he was saving it for a song but decided just to leave it along with this song):

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The Last Generation (Y)

Have you been wronging? What have you been writing?
You think you saw the x-men? Were they on heroin?
Have you given birth to the antichrist yet?
Have you given birth to the antichrist yet?

I'm not in it for the minute.
The kids are growing up way too fast.
Do you think we're gonna last?

Just like a woman bringing me down,
to the ground:

Now on the first day that we met,
the words cracked my skin real hard
but I will overthrow him,
you will hear the broken music.
Over there I wish it would snow,
wish the walls would rot in,
he needs a rosary
going on backwards to marijuana sunday.

Well I don't know,
don't say fear is on my own,
2012: insanity evolved.

Spiral is never ending,
from always staring, waiting to drop,
turning what you once loved into fire
and you're a shamrock.

I'm wishing you turn over 700 colors again,
in a twisted metal rainbow web.
Wow. Your friend must REALLY want UG's opinion about his lyrics.

The grammar is pretty bad, and 2012 has nothing to do with insanity - it's just when the Mayan calendar stops.
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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hmmmm, PizzaStar, SgtPepperoni. Hmmmm. This isn't any better with the new stanza, the rudeness is uncalled for, multi's are perma ban worthy and this saga is pointless.