okay. this is WAY out of the blue. But me and my friend Holly are trying to find something.

A long time ago back when i was in high school, like 4 years ago or so. Me and another friend found this online paint program where you and a friend could paint on the same space from different computers...think of like multi-player paint haha.

Anyway, i believe it was a flash program of some sort. If anybody can help me out that would be great.

By the way, i dont usually "paint" for fun. But me and holly got on the subject of how we used to stay up all night doing random shit on the internet and i told her that story and now she wants to find it and i want to as well.

heres a quick bit of this story...me and my friend drew this AMAZING screen shot of a porn one night lol. It stayed up there for weeks.
"A long time ago - like four years."

Wow. I must be an old sonofab*tch.
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I think you can do that using windows meeting space
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and yeah. shes pretty banging! but i found it. i feel quite accomplished lol. i was searching through page after page on google

So by "multiplayer paint" I assume you mean "have sex with her." Good on you. If not, I will be very disappointed.
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Is Holly hot?

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Tell "Holly" to assist this! *gets out dick*
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Since it's four years later I can guarentee that it won't be nearly as fun and you will have ruined the moment.

Is she hot?
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