I don't know if its necessarily bad...most people think it sounds bad, but a lot of pop-punk bands and the like get away with it just fine. If you like it, I'd say go for it, unless someone else can confirm that it is indeed bad for you.
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That's not a nasally sound. It's equally as awful, but that's a pretty muffled tone. It sounds like he has a cold, as in, his nasal passages are blocked. A nasally tone has more of a pinched, obnoxious sound to it.

So far as I'm aware, there's nothing harmful about a nasally or muffled tone, they just sound ridiculous and shitty. They're very niche sounds. It may be personal preference, but I'm fairly certain that a majority of people would equate tones like that with "bad singing." I even kind of like Morning Glory, but that guy's voice really sucks.
Try this..... Just using a speaking voice, even, will be fine. Speak in a deliberately nasal voice. What do you feel?

Most people feel the voice being produced more in the throat or the soft palate. This could be very very bad for you.

Most of the rest of the people feel like they are aiming the voice at their nostrils. This isn't harmful. It's just nasal sounding.

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I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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