I am planning to do a squier mod and I wanted to put a humbucker in the bridge position. I think I want the seymour duncan SH-8 but the sh-6 is cheaper but I don't really know the difference.

Could someone tell me what it is?
Depending on the model squier, you might be best off saving your money. Unless it's an affinity series fat strat with the alder body, you'll still get a slightly dead tone. Almost all other squiers are made from agathis which is quite a bland and dead sounding wood.

That said, I use the sh-6 distortion in the bridge of all my guitars and I love it. It's a more crunchy pickup with a slightly more punchy midrange than the full on wallop of the sh-8. So unless you're playing nothing but heavy stuff, I'd go for the sh-6
The SH-8 is more brutal. I don't have experience with the SH-6 so I can't address the differences further, but...

If you really want to save money and you know you want the SH-8, here's the same basic thing, just made overseas:


It gets mixed reviews, but even the SH-8 is kinda love it or hate it. There may be some quality control issues, though because some said that they've seen both good and bad ones.

I have the detonators & the invaders--I can't hear the difference.

BTW, my detonators are now in my Squier Affinity. Regardless of what model you have, the SH-8 will sound better than any Squier pickup.

BTW, is it a "Fat Strat" i.e., does it have a humbucker already? If not, then you might have to get a custom pickguard cut for you. The Affinities & Bullets have a lot of variance in the guards since they've been made in so many factories, as cheap as possible, so you probably can't just use a regular Fender Strat pickguard off the shelf.
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I didn't buy the squier yet. But I was thinking of buying this one and then cut out a new pickguard....
I really want a maple fretboard so that's why I am choosing that one.
Can you go to the store in person and do they have some Fat Strat Standards there for you to try out?

Check out the sonic difference between the Standard Squiers (like in this link) and the Affinities. I understand its another 100 euros, but it's worth it because other than the wood, you get the same design specs as a modern Made In America Strat (22 frets, 2 point trem, etc.) Most importantly, a pick guard for any MIA Strat should fit, wereas the Affinities won't (and not just because of the screw positions).

That way you can have your maple neck, have a more functional guitar than even any of the MIM Strats, but at less than half the price!

But you need to hear Alder vs Agathis side by side to see whether you agree with "Weybl Himself" or not. The Bullets are the bottom of the line and they are made of Basswood, not Agathis. My most expensive guitar (an Ibanez RG770) is made of Basswood, too. But there's more to the story... The Bullet is made of Basswood plywood, whereas my Ibby is solid Basswood ;-)

The Agathis guitars sound the same to me as the Alders. Rember, it's a higher grade of Agathis than the Alder used in Affinities and it's probably made of less pieces--also it's 1/4 thicker than the Affinities, just like a MIA Strat. The MIAs are made from 3 blocks of wood (not counting the neck). Affinities are made from at least 5.

I'd recommend this one if you agree that it sounds just as good:


Shame it looks like Squier Fat Strats with Maple necks might be getting rare...

As for the nut, I'd recommend a graph-tech nut & string tees if you're going to do a lot of whammy. I'd discuss this with a luthier before you do anything, though.
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The Bullet is solid Basswood.

Anyway TS I'd get the SH-6. The SH-8 is really muddy from what I've heard.
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The Bullet is solid Basswood.

Anyway TS I'd get the SH-6. The SH-8 is really muddy from what I've heard.

Some years they made them out of solid wood. Other years they made them out of plywood. I'm not sure how they're making them today, but the Squier Bullets are not worth the few Euros you'd save. They're almost as bad as a "Fender" Starcaster.

I'm not familiar with any muddy sounding A7X, Blink 182, Iggy Pop, Finger Eleven, or Lamb of God songs. They all use a SH-8s a lot.

BTW, Some of those bands use their Invaders in mahagony, others in alder, and others in basswood. I've got real invaders in a mahagony guitar and the detonators in an alder guitar & I don't think they sound muddy in either, but your mileage may vary, in this is very subjective.

Of course, even all my DiMarzios and stock Fender single-coil pups sound muddy on my Marshall MG amp, so that will be a factor, too. None of them sound muddy on my other amps.

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would it be hard to make the stock pickguard HSS instead of the SSS it already is?

It's very easy if you don't care how it looks. But you can never go back if you don't like the way it turned out. Because you won't be able to get another factory made pickup guard for an Affinity--they're all a little bit different.

Just get the Standard or a Deluxe, even if you have to save up another 6 months. It's like 500% better quality for less than 200% of the money. And that amount of money difference we're talking will only buy you a couple of tanks of gas in Europe.
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