Does anyone happen to know any Zakk Wylde ballads and instrumentals?

I only know Farewell Ballad, and his version of White Christmas.
you're also forgetting his dimedag darryl ballad 'in this river'. thats somewhat like a ballad.
These are the instrumentals i can think of off the top of my head (these are all from BLS):
America The Beautiful (cover, obviously) - last song on the 1919 Eternal album
The Intro part to New religion (I consider it a separate song even though it's the same track) - Shot To Hell album
Takillya (Estyabon) - Hangover Music Vol. 4 album
T.A.Z. - Sonic Brew album
Doctor Octavia - Mafia Album

As for ballads, here's a few of the ones I enjoy the most:
In This River - Mafia album
Sold My Soul - Book of Shadows (solo album)
Spoke In The Wheel - Sonic Brew album
Way Beyond Empty - Book of Shadows
Throwing It All Away - Book of Shadows
Pretty much the entire Hangover Music Vol. 4 album
The Last Goodbye - Shot To Hell album
Rust - Stronger Than Death album
Bridge To Cross - 1919 Eternal album
Dead As Yesterday - Book of Shadows

That's about all I can think of at the moment, good luck, Zakk and everything he touches is absolutely amazing, so I assume you'll enjoy.
S.D.M.F., bleed it.