I just got a line 6 pod x3 today... It's sounds great with clean settings,
but the distorted presets sound really weird. The tone is really, really muddy with a lot of digital artifacts, that make distortion completely useless.

I think the problem might be caused by my guitar, since I had a similar problem with my previous amp (to a much lesser extent)

I use a stock Ibanez rg1570 guitar...

I can also post some sound examples if it would help anyone!

I'd greatly appreciate any help, thanks
the presets are shite, you're supposed to make your own. But post those sound samples and we'll see
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there's two things you gotta do on the pod X3

1. Make your own tones
2. Stay far, far away from the bogner models
3. use the screamer stomp to tighten muddy models up

you can get a nice sound out of it, listen to some of the newest clips on my profile and you'll see

Also, before the general "you don't notice the difference between guitars on Modeling, you actually do on the X3, and a lot as well
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Uh some presents aren't bad, but YES Squier is right, the Bogner settings and gross. But, yeah it might be your guitar. Make your own setting and test it.
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Could you please, please post a preset or something for a lead tone that you think sounds good, so I can compare?
The preset 11D, titled Big Solo, is very good. If it sounds like crap to you, it's your guitar or cable or whatever. Don't know why it's only the distortion that sounds like crap.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
I have the previous model XT Live, and with that you have to set the output: studio direct, combo front, combo pwramp, stack front, stack pwramp and Bose system. I´m not sure if the X3 is the same but I would check that because that can make a big difference with the sounds depending on what you are hooked up to.
That does seem to sound better , but there are still lots of random artifacts in the tone... It's hard to explain
What do you mean about artifacts ? (reverb, delay, or other effects) if so then take them out. Do you have the gearbox ? If not, get it and hook your line 6 up to your computer, you´ll then have a better picture of every program patch and editing capability´s.
I switched my guitar cable with the one I use for my acoustic and now it seems to work fine...

Thanks everyone