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I'm pretty sure you all know the drum computers out there, like Addictive Drums etc. Now my question is: Is there anything similar with strings or even whole orchestras? I want to do some classical, soundtrack-like work and don't want to use the crappy Guitar Pro sounds. Do you have any suggestions?
there are tons, and they rtend to be really expensive, there are apparently some freeware ones out there but I don't know how good they are, please se the search function, as this comes up at least twice a week.
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the 'crappy guitar pro sounds' is just the midi in your computer, you could have another (better) soundcard...
There are also Guitar Pro-esque programs out there for orchestras, with pretty good sounds, but I can't seem to remember any names of them...
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DSK do a free string synth VST, it's what I use and it sounds pretty good:

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