ok so ive finally got a band sorted and we're gigging quite regularly so im looking for my first tube amp

we play hard rock, think guns n roses, led zeppelin, the who

id rather stay new but id possibly go used if needs be

im looking to spend £1000

im in the northeast of england

ive been looking at the orange dual terror with an orange ppc212 cab but if you guys have any better ideas throw them out

any help is appreciated

edit: im looking for something with a fair amount of gainn but has really warm cleans

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Look at the Cornford hurricane or EVA 18w standard trem TMB - http://www.englishvalveamps.co.uk/18wtrem.html
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take a look at martamp/mjw too (various models), in addition to what jak and kyle suggested. haven't tried them, but hear very good things.

i haven't tried the dual terror, but i didn't much like the tiny terror, i think you can do a lot better for £1000.
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Marshall DSL401 , buy a 2x12 cab then?
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