Hi guys

Was thinking of getting a dano '63 bass and was woundering peoples thoughts on them . I've heard they have a massive range of sounds and can get everywhere from P-bass to rickenbacker (obviously not perfect but ive read these as decent reference points).

The only thing that puts me off is the chambered body. I like a heavy-ish body and a slim kneck which is why I have a jazz bass now and dont know if the dano will feel like a toy compared to it.

Ive played a u2pro and really love it but dont know how different the models can be and how the bass will be.
I love the dano basses. The 63 does not sound like a Ricky though and it isn't quite as versatile as you describe. But they have this lovely vintage-y sound (think ventures and non-beach boys surf music) with a bit of growl in the lower notes and a zing in the upper notes.