After searching forum after forum about this topic I have yet to come to any conclusions to which would suit my needs better.

Im wondering if anyone owns both and would like to tell me which they prefer?

Bascially I will use my loop pedal for messing around, at home however I may eventually decide to use it live with a mic aswell.

Features I like about rc 20xl:

- The quantize button. Helpful as I dont need to be perfect with my timing,
I have seen people do live performances with loop pedals and sometimes they f*** the beat up.

- The reverse button, sounds awesome kinda reminds me of ratatat solos which I really like.

- Better drum machine

- Undo button (not sure if jamman has this?)

Features I like about the jamman:

- 99 storable loops
- flash card for bigger memory

(although im not sure ill need all that memory??)

USB port for uploading and downloading loops to and from loop pedal (nice feature but i could record my loops to my computer using the rc 20xl by recording real time)

Thats it really hope you can help me decide