So I have to write a solo for a song that we want to cover with our band.
In the original song, the guitarist uses a wah pedal for the solo which I dont have.
I dont really have problems with writing solos but the point here is, it's just 8 bars of the same drumming and a bass that constantly plays the same B note.

How can I fill in 8 long bars without sounding boring?
Only thing I have right now is some tapping over one or two bars, maybe fill another one up with a legato lick, but that's it. Nothing special either.

for those who want to know, that's the song.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh_fOVr0Myw&fmt=18 starting 3:25
Already have tabbed out the rest of the song in GP5
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1) Just play the original solo and lend a wah-pedal
2) Just play the original solo and buy a wah-pedal
3) Just play the orginal solo without wah-pedal

IF you decide to write your own stuff...it's only 8 bars man! You always can do hoolahoops.
Just play a scratch chord really fast for the whole solo.

Even without a wah it'll still sound really cool and syncopated.
I actually prefer soloing over one chord than soloing over changes. The reason is that you've got a lot more freedom with regards to note choice, especially over a 'neutral' (i.e. non major or minor) chord, or one note. You have the freedom to use and combine any scale based off the root note, you can resolve phrases to ususual notes, and in this way make some very interesting solos. It's something Frank Zappa did to great effect throught his career, and usually for a lot longer than 8 bars!

In that song the solo is based off mainly the B minor pentatonic scale, but he throws in a few more unusual notes there too (a few from B natural minor and a few from B major). No reason why you can't do the same just cause you don't have a wah pedal. Why not take a similar approach - use mostly the pentatonic but remember you can probably get away with some more esoteric choices. It's hard to give you advice regarding specific techniques like legato or whatever, as that's entirely your preference as to what's interesting and isn't, so I hope what I did say helps.
yeah thanks man, I never looked at it the way you do

I guess I now have a basis to start from.
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Quote by thorbor
yeah thanks man, I never looked at it the way you do

I guess I now have a basis to start from.

What? You never thought about using pentatonics? Then i think you should really stick to the original solo.